Removing Candle Wax from Carpet

Setting the mood with some strategically placed, aromatic candles can indeed get you far in life but it can also ruin your carpets, or can it? If your carpet has been on the receiving end of a romantic spill of candle wax then you need to do something about (that doesn’t involve changing the carpet). Right, let’s face it – removing candle wax from the carpet is easier said than done, so first piece of crucial advice is to keep the wax dry, don’t spill or apply any other liquids (including water) on the candle wax as that would make the removal process anything but romantic and a real pain in the neck

The basic assault plan

Like with any other stain removal, time is of the essence and quick action is much needed to save the carpet from candle wax. If you are keeping up with the clock, the wax should still be relatively soft (obviously not runny). Go and find a thick plastic bag, any shopping bag will do the trick as long as it is waterproof. Fill the bag with water and be absolutely sure that the thing is watertight – remember water plus wax plus carpet equals big headaches. If you can get your hands on a resealable plastic bag that would be even better. Now, fill up the bag with ice cubes from the freezer (those ice packs will also work fine). Provided you have made sure the bag of choice is watertight begin pressing it over the wax spill. The ice inside the bag will cause the wax to harden. Once you have the wax sufficiently frozen start scraping it off with a blunt knife/ butter knife or a spoon. Any other similar tool will also work fine. Be gentle and systematic, don’t try and get all of the wax out in couple of strokes. Watch out for the carpet too. Stroke away from your body, even if you are using a spoon.

The procedure

Now that most of the wax has been scraped off, grab a clean white or light coloured towel and place it over the affected area. A few suitably thick paper cloths can also stand in for the towel. Run a gently heated iron over the towel/paper cloths repeatedly until the remaining wax is melted and absorbed by the towel/paper cloths. If using paper cloths, you may actually see the oily stain from melted wax coming through the paper – then you know it’s enough. The mantra here is keep the iron away from the carpet.

Next step is to treat the wax spill (what’s left of it) with a carpet cleaning product (shampoo or other). Don’t go too crazy with detergent, only a small amount of product usually does the job just fine. Depending on what the product label says either let it dry out or blot out as instructed. Finish off the procedure with a touch of scented carpet freshener.

This cleaning method works fine on either natural or synthetic fibre carpets.