Do you want your dishwasher to fit the interior design of your home? Here is how

Are you looking for affordable and easy ways to transform your home? Maybe you can start with figuring a way to hide your dishwasher – and I am going to help you figure the way. It seems like regardless of what the interior design of your home is the dishwasher never fits in.

– Put the dishwasher under a counter

If you have space under a kitchen counter you can put it there. The hard part of it may be the challenge of measuring the exact size of the dishwasher and whether there would be enough space for it under the counter.

– Put the dishwasher in a cabinet panel

Another affordable great way to hide your dishwasher and make it fit better with the interior of your home is to choose a cabinet panel that is in color and texture that will suit your kitchen.

– Paint your dishwasher

There are many paints out there that are “appliance-friendly’’ meaning that you can paint appliances with them – in our case the dishwasher. It’s an extremely affordable and easy way to transform your dishwasher and make it fit the decor of your kitchen.

– Hide your dishwasher in another room

Many people choose to put all of the appliances that they do not want visible in the main rooms in a walk-in pantry. That way you have more space and your dishwasher won’t be in your kitchen.