Here Is The Easiest Way To Remove Steak Sauce!

Using a steak sauce is a great way to spice up an ordinary steak, right? The only con that this sauce has is that it leaves a hard-to-remove stain behind when you spill it.

Usually, steak sauces are made with tomatoes, sugar, and spices – this combination of ingredients is the reason the stain is hard to remove. But, fortunately, hard to remove doesn’t mean impossible, therefore, all you need to know is the proper way to treat it.

How To Remove Steak Sauce From Clothes?

The first thing I want to cover is how to remove the stains from a steak sauce from your clothes. Keep in mind that you need to immediately start taking care of the stain.

I recommend grabbing a spoon and scooping the excess sauce first. Then, blot with a white cloth or a paper towel.

The next thing you need to do is flush the stain with cold water (flush from the wrong side of the fabric). Once you do that you should grab some rubbing alcohol with which you need to soak a sponge then wipe the affected area (you can also use ammonia).

Then simply throw the clothing item in the washing machine and wash it. Once it’s dry you should examine whether the stain is completely removed or there is still some left. If that is the case then dilute oxygen-based bleach with water and soak the clothing item in there. Leave overnight then wash again.

How To Remove Steak Sauce From Upholstery/ Carpet?

Again, you need to immediately grab a spoon and remove the excess then blot with a clean cloth.

Continue with mixing a tablespoon of liquid soap with two cups of water, soak a clean cloth in the mixture, and start blotting the stain. Repeat this step until there is no more colour transferring from your upholstery/ carpet to the cloth.

Once you are done with that you need to rinse the area. How to do that? Simply dampen a clean cloth and wipe the area.

If the stain remains you can apply the same technique you applied for your clothing item – dilute oxygen bleach with water and treat the are with it.