How To Clean Your Oven With Natural Ingredients?

If you want a spotless oven yet you don’t want to spend money on commercial cleaners or/ and you don’t like using them because they contain harsh chemicals then keep on reading!

How To Do It?

The first thing you need to do is remove the racks and get rid of all the crumbs and impurities. You can do that by using a brush and sweeping all the impurities onto a corner then vacuuming them with your vacuum cleaner.

Then it’s time to make our cleaner. Today, we will use baking soda, water, and a few drops of dish soap. Mix the ingredients together and apply the paste all over your oven. I like to use a sponge – it’s easier to spread. Once you are done – close the door and leave the paste overnight.

The baking soda will take care of any stained areas and bad odour while the soap will get rid of any greasy spots.

Next – clean the oven racks you removed. I like to fill a tub with hot water, pour a bit of dish soap into the bathtub then soak the racks in there overnight.

What To Do The Next Morning?

Grab a sponge and scrub the racks so that any residue of the grime and dirt is removed. Then rinse them with hot water and drain your tub.

Then continue with filling a spray bottle with water and vinegar (equal parts) then spraying the oven with it. The baking soda and vinegar will react but this is a good thing. This reaction will break up any residue so that you don’t have to scrub for hours!

Then dampen a sponge and wipe the paste away.

When you are done, your oven must be spotless!