How To Clean Your Upholstery In Under 15 Minutes!

All cleaning chores can be done fast and efficient – even the ones that are labelled as “time-consuming and hard”. For example, did you know that you can easily clean your upholstery in under 15 minutes? Yes, it’s not that hard and you don’t need to clear out your schedule for the entire day!

How To Clean Your Upholstery In Under 15 Minutes?

– Start with vacuuming

The first thing you need to do in order to clean your upholstery is to grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire upholstered furniture!

That way you will get rid of any dirt, dust, pet hairs, crumbs, and other impurities that are sitting on top of the fabric.

– Then continue with using liquid soap

If your upholstery is labelled with the code W or WS you can apply water on the fabric and it won’t damage. Usually, the tags are hidden under a cushion or under the furniture.

If the code is X or S then skip this step and stick to vacuuming only because water will damage the fabric!

Now, in order to clean your W or WS upholstery mix a teaspoon of liquid soap (a clear one, stay away from any coloured soaps) and warm water in a bucket. Sip a soft brush in the mixture and clean the upholstery using a small circular motion.

Of course, don’t use a lot of the mixture. You should avoid soaking the fabric in the soapy mixture – less is more for sure!

Once you are done cleaning – damp a cloth and wipe the fabric so that the soapy water is completely removed!

Then allow the fabric to dry completely.