How To Easily Clean Gutters?

How often do you clean the gutters on your house? I know that it’s such an annoying chore, however, it’s super important, and maintaining the gutters clean will save you a ton of headaches and problems. Now, thankfully, you don’t need to clean them every week… in fact, I do it once or twice a year – and it’s more than enough!

I usually take care of them during the spring and fall. I know that most people go years without cleaning the gutters but you need to start prioritizing this because it’s important for your house.

Here Is What I Do!

You will be surprised at how easy the cleaning part actually is. I know you are expecting some fancy equipment and detergents but all you need is a ladder, a trowel, and your garden hose. That’s it – nothing else! Also, another misconception people tend to have it that this chore is time-consuming but it really isn’t. You will be finished in half an hour!

Now, I grab my ladder and my favourite gardening tool – a trowel. That way I will be able to scoop out all the impurities and get rid of them easily.

Once I do that, it’s time to rinse them. I do that with my garden hose. I check to see whether the downspout is free of any clogs. If water doesn’t flow out of the bottom then it’s clogged and you need to shake the pipe.