How To Easily Remove Mould From Your Washing Machine?

If your washing machine smells a bit weird, chances are that there is mould or mildew growing something in the appliance. Usually, it can be found behind the rubber gasket that seals the door but it can also be in the drainage pipes or the detergent dispensers.

In general, mould usually forms when you don’t leave the door of your appliance open after you have taken out your laundry. The moisture is trapped inside the washing machine and it creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew bacteria.

How To Easily Remove Mould From Your Washing Machine?

Start with an empty washing machine – you should remove all clothes as well as the laundry detergent and fabric softener because we will be performing a deep cleaning.

Then either add a cup of chlorine bleach to the washer drum or half a cup of the bleach to the detergent dispenser. In case you don’t want to use bleach, you can swap it for hydrogen peroxide. Next, select a normal wash cycle to the highest temperature possible and turn on the washing machine. The product you put as well as the hot water will disinfect the appliance.

Of course, when the cycle is complete, you need to dry the washer door and the gasket with a cloth. In fact, this needs to be done every time you use your washing machine because it will prevent mould.

You also need to clean the dispensers because detergent and fabric softeners can build up over time and cause bad odours. I like to remove my dispensers and wash them in my kitchen sink with hot water and liquid soap. You can also soak them in vinegar so any bacteria is removed and once the dispenser is disinfected, wash with hot water.

Once you have cleaned everything, put the dispenser back and your washing machine will be spotless and ready for the next cycle without all the impurities, bad smells, and mould!