Here Is The Easiest Way To Remove Steak Sauce!

Using a steak sauce is a great way to spice up an ordinary steak, right? The only con that this sauce has is that it leaves a hard-to-remove stain behind when you spill it.

Usually, steak sauces are made with tomatoes, sugar, and spices – this combination of ingredients is the reason the stain is hard to remove. But, fortunately, hard to remove doesn’t mean impossible, therefore, all you need to know is the proper way to treat it.

How To Remove Steak Sauce From Clothes?

The first thing I want to cover is how to remove the stains from a steak sauce from your clothes. Keep in mind that you need to immediately start taking care of the stain.

I recommend grabbing a spoon and scooping the excess sauce first. Then, blot with a white cloth or a paper towel.

The next thing you need to do is flush the stain with cold water (flush from the wrong side of the fabric). Once you do that you should grab some rubbing alcohol with which you need to soak a sponge then wipe the affected area (you can also use ammonia).

Then simply throw the clothing item in the washing machine and wash it. Once it’s dry you should examine whether the stain is completely removed or there is still some left. If that is the case then dilute oxygen-based bleach with water and soak the clothing item in there. Leave overnight then wash again.

How To Remove Steak Sauce From Upholstery/ Carpet?

Again, you need to immediately grab a spoon and remove the excess then blot with a clean cloth.

Continue with mixing a tablespoon of liquid soap with two cups of water, soak a clean cloth in the mixture, and start blotting the stain. Repeat this step until there is no more colour transferring from your upholstery/ carpet to the cloth.

Once you are done with that you need to rinse the area. How to do that? Simply dampen a clean cloth and wipe the area.

If the stain remains you can apply the same technique you applied for your clothing item – dilute oxygen bleach with water and treat the are with it.

The best way to disinfect a thermometer

I can’t think of a more important thing to disinfect in your home, to be honest. If someone isn’t feeling well and decides to use the thermometer then it immediately needs to be disinfected.

But how can you do that without damaging it?

Well, if you have a non-digital thermometer in your home then start with washing it in warm soapy water (only use anti-bacterial liquid soap).

Then dampen a cotton ball/ pad in rubbing alcohol (it needs to be over 60 percent) and wipe the thermometer. Allow the rubbing alcohol to completely dry and then rinse the thermometer.

If you have a digital thermometer then, of course, it shouldn’t go anywhere near water. Instead of washing it dampen a cotton ball/ pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe it.

What About Infrared Thermometers? How to disinfect them?

Either dampen a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe it with it or simply use a disinfecting wipe then allow to air-dry completely.

You have a toaster oven? Here is how to clean it!

People that have toaster ovens usually swear by them. I know I do! It’s such a great invention that allows you to use it whenever you don’t feel like using your actual oven – and it completely has eliminated the need for any type of toaster.

But, of course, just like anything else in your home it needs to be properly cleaned.

You need to lightly clean the toaster oven after using it each time, this is something that we all know.

But how often should you deep clean the appliance? Of course, it depends on how often you use it. If you use it on a daily basis then I would recommend you deep clean it once a week!

How to deep clean a toaster oven?

So the first thing you need to do is unplug the toaster oven and wait for it to cool completely. Then place it near the sink or near the garbage can so that the cleaning process would be easier for you.

Continue with removing all the trays and the racks then make a mixture of warm water and liquid soap in the sink (or in a bucket). Soak them in the warm soapy water.

Go back to the toaster oven and remove all of the crumbs with a dry cloth. If any crumbs are stuck then you can grab a brush in order to loosen them. I recommend using an old toothbrush!

The next thing you should do is dampen a cloth in the soapy water and wipe the non-stick interior of the appliance.

Once you are done with that go back to the trays and racks that you left in the soapy water. Scrub them in order to remove any residue and then rinse them. Allow them to either air dry completely or dry them with a clean cloth before placing them back in the toaster oven.

6 creative ways to clean your home with an oven cleaner

I know most of you already use an oven cleaner since it is probably the easiest way to take care of your favourite kitchen appliance. I mean it is so powerful that you spray it, let it work, and then remove it. It has the power to remove food stains, grease, build-up grime, and all sorts of other impurities you definitely want away from the space you cook your food in.

But what if you could use the power of an oven cleaner all over your home?

I have recently thought about this topic since I indeed love my oven cleaner. Isn’t it possible to apply it in different areas, surfaces and objects in your home so that you can have a much more efficient and easy cleaning process? Well, the answer is yes – and I am about to teach you exactly how to do this!

– Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

If you have a fireplace with glass doors then this trick will become your favourite in the winter when having to deal with a dirty smoke-stained glass. Apply some oven cleaner directly on the door, leave it there for a couple of minutes then remove completely by wiping it with a damp cloth.

– Clean Glass Kitchenware

Did you know that you can use your oven cleaner to clean your kitchenware as well? Well, the glass pieces. Of course, put on gloves, spray the kitchenware piece you want to clean with the cleaner. If the stains are really bad then I recommend you put the piece in a bag (maybe a trash bag) and leave it overnight. I suggest you leave the bag outside since usually oven cleaners contain some pretty toxic ingredients.

– Clean your pots and pans

Pots and pans are one of the hardest things to clean in your kitchen. If they are really dirty and have stains all over them then follow these steps. Heat the pot/ pan you want to clean on your stovetop. Spray it with the oven cleaner once the surface it is warm and let it sit for around half an hour. Then wash as normal with soap and water.

– Clean your sink

Yes, you can ever clean your sink using an oven cleaner. Spray, let it sit, scrub the stained area, and rinse well!

– Clean your iron

And by your iron, I mean the plate of your iron. It’s a surface that is really hard to clean but thanks to your oven cleaner you no longer need to wonder how to clean it!

– Clean your hair straightener or curler

Similar to your iron, you can clean your hair straightener or your curler. I am almost positive that you have never even thought about cleaning these items but now you know that you can do it with your oven cleaner – just make sure you fully remove the cleaner once you are done with it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry completely before using it again!

The best way to clean your TV screen

It isn’t a secret that we all spend a lot of time in front of screens whether that would be TV screens, computer screens, laptop screens, or our phones. But what is the best way to clean them without causing any damage? And exactly how often should we clean them?

Tv screens should be dusted every week. Not only will this remove the excess dust in your home but it will provide you with a clearer picture. If you happen to spill anything on your TV screen, of course, you need to immediately remove the excess.

Please, keep in mind that you should never spray any cleaner or water directly on the TV screen because you can damage the screen.

So what should you do?

Of course, the first step is to turn off the TV. This way you can dust and clean the screen way easier.

The next thing you need is a clean microfiber cloth so that you can dust the screen properly. Be gentle and do not apply pressure when wiping – the last thing we want is to crack it. Using a microfiber cloth will remove any fingerprints.

If you need to remove any sort of stains caused by food or liquid make sure you dampen the cloth and wipe everything. Use plain water and immediately wipe the area with a dry cloth once you are done cleaning. You want to remove all of the moisture to prevent damage.

And, of course, also keep in mind that you need to dust the top, the sides, the back of the TV as well as any speakers, remote control, and other components of your TV.

I also recommend that you specifically wipe the remote control with a disinfecting wipe because it is a breeding ground for germs.

Clean everything with this DIY solution recipe

Who doesn’t love a DIY recipe for a cleaning detergent that consists of natural ingredients that you already have in your home? It’s a great way to save money as well as use a product that does not contain any harsh chemicals. I have an amazing recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that you can do at home and use for almost anything.

What you need:

The juice of a lemon, the juice of a lime, a cup of white vinegar, and a cup of water. That’s all you need. Add everything into a spray bottle and shake well.

This cleaning solution is great for dissolving grease, removing stains, grime, dirt, dust, etc. It is safe to be used on any surface. You can use it on your kitchen counter, in your bathroom, to clean mirrors, windows, desks – basically anything.

  • I would recommend you let the solution sit on the surface you sprayed for a couple of minutes before you start wiping.
  • I also sometimes use it in combination with baking soda if the surface I am cleaning is really dirty and I need some extra help. I usually spray the surface with the solution, damp a sponge in water, sprinkle the baking soda, and start scrubbing. This is a great way to clean everything in your bathroom and remove soap scum and built-up – toilet, shower, the sink, the bathtub, etc.

How to clean your floors using a homemade solution

Cleaning your flooring is the only way to keep them looking good for long – there is no doubt in that. But what if there is a short cut and you don’t have to end up buying expensive detergents that have those harsh chemicals in them. They don’t smell that great plus some of them might actually damage the flooring over time.

I have the perfect recipe for a homemade solution that requires natural ingredients that you probably already have in your home.

What do you need?

Liquid soap

Mix equal parts of everything, only add a couple of drops of the liquid soap – and your cleaning solution is ready.

The only problem with this homemade solution is the smell. The smell of vinegar is very harsh and no one likes it.

A recipe for another cleaning solution

This recipe will bring back the shine and beauty of your floors in no time. We all know that over time any floor surfaces will start to look worn out and will lose their appeal. But with this solution, you will have a streak-free and shiny flooring.

And all you need is baking soda and warm water.

Mix 1/2 cup of the baking soda in a bucket of water (make sure the water is warm) and start mopping.

Do you want your dishwasher to fit the interior design of your home? Here is how

Are you looking for affordable and easy ways to transform your home? Maybe you can start with figuring a way to hide your dishwasher – and I am going to help you figure the way. It seems like regardless of what the interior design of your home is the dishwasher never fits in.

– Put the dishwasher under a counter

If you have space under a kitchen counter you can put it there. The hard part of it may be the challenge of measuring the exact size of the dishwasher and whether there would be enough space for it under the counter.

– Put the dishwasher in a cabinet panel

Another affordable great way to hide your dishwasher and make it fit better with the interior of your home is to choose a cabinet panel that is in color and texture that will suit your kitchen.

– Paint your dishwasher

There are many paints out there that are “appliance-friendly’’ meaning that you can paint appliances with them – in our case the dishwasher. It’s an extremely affordable and easy way to transform your dishwasher and make it fit the decor of your kitchen.

– Hide your dishwasher in another room

Many people choose to put all of the appliances that they do not want visible in the main rooms in a walk-in pantry. That way you have more space and your dishwasher won’t be in your kitchen.

How to remove nail polish stain from a carpet

You did your nails by yourself at home and now you regret every second of it because you ended up spilling it on your favorite carpet? Is there a woman out there that doesn’t feel your pain? It sucks but it happens very often. In fact, more often than you think. Read more if you want to know how to fix this common problem.

Staining your carpet, in general, is something that sucks – but there isn’t anything that can’t be reversed if you have the time and determination.

Is the stain wet or dry

When it comes to nail polish, it needs to be cleaned as soon as it happens and is still wet. Once it dries it’s harder to clean because it has set in the fibers of the carpet.

  • What to do if it’s still wet

If the nail polish is still wet make sure you blot the area with a paper towel. Repeat until nothing is coming on the towel.

DO NOT rub the nail polish – this will make everything worse because you will spread it and it will dry much faster.

  • What to do if it’s dry

If you didn’t do anything while the nail polish was wet and now it has dried, grab a dull knife and start scraping it off.

The next step can be applied both to a wet stain and a dry one

Wet the area with cold water. Then grab a hairspray and spray it on the stain following with applying rubbing alcohol on it.

With a toothbrush scrub the stain for a minute. And while you are scrubbing keep applying cold water on it.

Proceed with applying a small amount of nail polish remover (that does not have acetone in it). The nail polish remover should be clear – do not use the ones that are colored because you might stain the carpet even more. Gently blot the area with a cloth until there is no sight left of the nail polish.

If the stain is still there after doing everything listed – keep repeating the whole process from the start.

If nothing you try works consider reaching out to professionals

I have had stains that I couldn’t remove on my own no matter how hard I tried so I did ask for professional help. If you live in Manchester I will recommend you contact Carpet Cleaning Manchester for help.

Foods you should always wash before eating

Some foods that you eat and you never wash actually need to be washed even more than the ones you do. Things that you cut and have peels like melons or avocadoes are actually filled with germs and bacteria.

  • Avocadoes

You should wash anything with a rind even if you don’t eat it. Why? It’s so much bacteria and pesticides on there that when you cut into it the germs get on the inside and even on your knife.

  • Melons

Always wash them before you cut into them. The peel if filled with salmonella and listeria which can cause you a bad food poisoning. You can even use a brush to scrub the rind because sometimes a simple wash won’t get rid of everything unwanted.

  • Whole grains

You might say that you boil them in water which kills the bacteria, right? Well, I thought so too but it seems like they should be washed before you start cooking them. Everything from rice, quinoa, etc. This will remove dirt.

  • Canned beans

Before you put them on the stove – rinse them.

  • Shellfish

It’s true that the edible part of them is hiding in the shell but the bacteria on the surface will end up inside and you will eat it if you don’t wash the shell.

  • Parsley

I know people that don’t wash their parsley and chop it in their salads straight away. Don’t do that! Make sure you rinse it with cold water before consuming it.

  • Mushrooms

Mushrooms tend to soak up dirt when they are growing so they are packed with bacteria. Before you cook them put them in a bowl of water and leave them there for a while. Once they float on top – they are clean.

  • Leeks

Onions, celery, etc. hold a lot of dirt and germs that won’t be removed even with a simple rinse. Slice leeks in half (lengthwise) and wash them with cold water.