Start Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Hydrogen Peroxide!

If you have hardwood floors then you have probably already tried almost every commercial cleaner out there. If I have to be honest – I don’t like them! They contain harsh chemicals (some of which are toxic) and they can even damage your flooring. This is why I avoid them and try to make my own cleaner with natural ingredients whenever I have the time!

Most recipes you will find online contain vinegar, however, I don’t like using it because of the smell… that terrible smell. Honestly, the last thing I want is for my home to smell like vinegar which is why I have been digging more in hopes of finding a recipe that does not contain vinegar.

Here Is How I Make My Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

Instead of vinegar, I use hydrogen peroxide. I have found that it’s a very safe and effective cleaning ingredient which is also environmentally-friendly. It’s not toxic and won’t do any harm to the floors.

It also disinfects which is another very important thing – especially when you have a pet! It’s great at removing dirty and/ or sticky stains!

I recommend you to dilute the hydrogen peroxide in cold water before you start cleaning because it’s way too strong to be used on its own.

Remember – always patch test first!

Before you start cleaning make sure you do a patch test on a small area of the hardwood flooring which isn’t visible (under a carpet, for example). You never know how the floor will react which is why you need to test and see whether there is any damage.

Also, don’t forget to vacuum the floors before cleaning with hydrogen peroxide so that you can get rid of any larger pieces of debris, dirt, pet hair, etc.