The best way to disinfect a thermometer

I can’t think of a more important thing to disinfect in your home, to be honest. If someone isn’t feeling well and decides to use the thermometer then it immediately needs to be disinfected.

But how can you do that without damaging it?

Well, if you have a non-digital thermometer in your home then start with washing it in warm soapy water (only use anti-bacterial liquid soap).

Then dampen a cotton ball/ pad in rubbing alcohol (it needs to be over 60 percent) and wipe the thermometer. Allow the rubbing alcohol to completely dry and then rinse the thermometer.

If you have a digital thermometer then, of course, it shouldn’t go anywhere near water. Instead of washing it dampen a cotton ball/ pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe it.

What About Infrared Thermometers? How to disinfect them?

Either dampen a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe it with it or simply use a disinfecting wipe then allow to air-dry completely.