Foods you should always wash before eating

Some foods that you eat and you never wash actually need to be washed even more than the ones you do. Things that you cut and have peels like melons or avocadoes are actually filled with germs and bacteria.

  • Avocadoes

You should wash anything with a rind even if you don’t eat it. Why? It’s so much bacteria and pesticides on there that when you cut into it the germs get on the inside and even on your knife.

  • Melons

Always wash them before you cut into them. The peel if filled with salmonella and listeria which can cause you a bad food poisoning. You can even use a brush to scrub the rind because sometimes a simple wash won’t get rid of everything unwanted.

  • Whole grains

You might say that you boil them in water which kills the bacteria, right? Well, I thought so too but it seems like they should be washed before you start cooking them. Everything from rice, quinoa, etc. This will remove dirt.

  • Canned beans

Before you put them on the stove – rinse them.

  • Shellfish

It’s true that the edible part of them is hiding in the shell but the bacteria on the surface will end up inside and you will eat it if you don’t wash the shell.

  • Parsley

I know people that don’t wash their parsley and chop it in their salads straight away. Don’t do that! Make sure you rinse it with cold water before consuming it.

  • Mushrooms

Mushrooms tend to soak up dirt when they are growing so they are packed with bacteria. Before you cook them put them in a bowl of water and leave them there for a while. Once they float on top – they are clean.

  • Leeks

Onions, celery, etc. hold a lot of dirt and germs that won’t be removed even with a simple rinse. Slice leeks in half (lengthwise) and wash them with cold water.